A dream has come true, after more than 20 years, 23-Aug-2017 has become the official launching date of the International Society for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health.

The Society’s founding members are: Joachim Sturmberg, Curt Lindberg, Andrew Seely, Paige McDonald, Gaetano Lotrecchiano, Chad Swanson, David Aron, Randy Thompson, John Scott and Peter Tsasis. They are part of much wider network of enthusiastic colleagues and friends – the Society ultimately is the result of the large and diverse group of people who all believe that the problems facing the health and well-being of our patients and communities can only be solved by addressing the interconnected nature of their problems.

Our Society aims to be an umbrella organisation that links all those interested in promoting systems and complexity thinking for the benefit of the health and well-being of patients and communities. The Society also aims to educate the wider professional and lay community about the interconnected nature of health and disease, and to become the lead advocacy voice in relation to the health and disease impacts of policy settings.

The Society provides its members with three principle benefits – educational activities, support to implement systems and complexity science informed approaches for research and health professional practice, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. In time the Society aims to be recognised as the preeminent body to provide systems and complexity sciences input to policy and decision makers working for health.

Joachim Sturmberg