6th International Conference for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Phoenix Airport, Phoenix, AZ

The COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and climate-related catastrophes have been a major shock to the status quo of the world as we have known and experienced it for a long time. We have all been impacted by these events, and we continue to experience the basic repercussions of systemic behaviours, namely – as Humboldt already realised as early as 1795 – in a system everything is connected to everything else.  We are continuing to witness that these connections have consequences across all domains and from personal to social to community levels. We have observed the impacts of these disturbances on the health of individuals and on health systems themselves.

Political leaders initially responded with ‘out-of-the-box’ approaches to COVID, including economic support for businesses and employees, implementation of widespread social restrictions, and rapid development but uneven roll-out of vaccine programs. While these actions may have averted complete chaos, they also sidestepped the task of lasting system redesign – and now, we are drifting back to the system of old with all its vulnerabilities. Our first-order responses have failed to facilitate lasting, second-order change.

Our 6th International Conference for Systems and Complexity Sciences for Health aims to provide a forum for researchers, health professionals, policy makers, and health-service users to explore how their experiences with these system shocks have changed their mindsets and approaches towards achieving best possible health outcomes for individuals, communities, and countries.

Key issues that we desire to explore include (but are not limited to):

  • Application of system dynamics, from physics and engineering to social and health services
    • Revisiting the definition of health and wellbeing of individuals
    • Exploring needed changes to healthcare and healthcare-delivery systems
    • Broadening the discourse to change the thinking and approaches to population health
    • Reimagining governmental policy and business practices to improve societal resilience
    • Identifying, evaluating, validating, and facilitating changes in individual and collective lifestyles to lessen their vulnerability to a world with ever-increasing volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity (VUCA)

In our search for clear understanding and actionable objectives, we strongly encourage:

  • Pervasive, holistic, systems thinking
    • Innovative, insightful, yet inclusive articulation of existing social realities
    • Collaborative approaches to problem-solving
    • Connectionist and multi/inter/transdisciplinary investigations of emerging issues
    • Fundamental respect, tolerance, and inclusiveness for diverging belief-systems


Conference registration: September 1st to November 15th 

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Holiday Inn & Suite Phoenix, Airport on 48th Street and University Drive

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