COVID19 and the Dynamic of Complex Adaptive Systems

By: JP Sturmberg & L Hoemeke for ISSCSH

How a seemingly minor viral mutation has brought the world to a standstill

As systems and complexity scientists interested in health, we’re trying to untangle health problems in their context—and now, like everyone else, trying to stay healthy while we’re work from home. We know that for decades to come, health systems, public health researchers, and many others will undoubtedly be studying the pandemic of COVID19, the virus that seemingly has brought the world to a standstill.

Emergence – The Result of Top-Down Causation

Emergence is a hallmark of complex adaptive systems but is also one of those concepts that is difficult to conceptualise. Emergence challenges the much-enshrined notion of cause-and-effect relationships, the modus that underpins the reductionist mode of science.