Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

The Journal of Evaluation of Clinical Practice regularly publishes systems and complexity research for health in the section "Complexity Forum".

If you want to submit a paper, on Step 6, select "Complexity Forum" in the "Special Issues" tab.

Journal on Policy and Complex SystemsPolicy
Infectious Disease ModellingModelling
Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and BioinformaticsModelling
Journal of SimulationModelling
Journal of the Operational Research Society Modelling
Journal of Complexity in Health SciencesComplexity of living systems




Handbook of Systems and Complexity in HealthJoachim P Sturmberg & Carmel M. Martin (Eds.)

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the application of systems and complexity sciences for health.
(Year Published)
Health System Redesign How to Make Health Care Person-Centered, Equitable, and SustainableJoachim P Sturmberg2018
Embracing Complexity in Health. The Transformation of Science, Practice, and PolicyJoachim P Sturmberg (Ed.)2018
The Value of Systems and Complexity Sciences for HealthcareJoachim P Sturmberg (Ed.)2016
By the Bedside of the Patient: Lessons for the Twenty-First-Century Nortin M. Hadler2016
The Citizen Patient: Reforming Health Care for the Sake of the Patient, Not the SystemNortin M. Hadler2013
Design for Care. Innovating Healthcare ExperiencePeter Jones2013
Complexity. A Guided TourMelanie Mitchell2009
Making Things Work: Solving Complex Problems in a Complex World Yaneer Ben-Yam2004
Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex WorldJohn Sterman 2000
Leadership without Easy AnswersRonald A. Heifetz1998
Dynamics of Complex Systems
[The book can be read online]
Yaneer Ben-Yam1997
The Web of LifeFritjof Capra1997